Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Musings on a New Season of Motherhood

Well, we're leaving now. Call us if you need anything over the weekend...

Okay, have a safe trip, Mom.

Have a safe trip, Mom? I'm supposed to be the one saying, Have a safe trip, as he leaves for camp, or tour, or school, or whatever the next adventure is... Now instead of him leaving for a trip without us, we are leaving for a trip without him.

1:00 AM The phone rings in our hotel room as we sleep.

Mom, I think I have to take Cherith to the Emergency Room. She might have appendicitis or something.

Oh, I am not supposed to be 200 miles away when something like this happens. I should be panicking, but I'm not. He is calm and caring and ready to do whatever it takes to be sure his sister is safe.

Although he is not a parent yet, our son has stepped out of childhood and begun his journey of manhood. Not that it began with this incident, but I just became more conscious of it at this time, I guess.

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