Thursday, August 1, 2013

40 Ways to Say, "I Love You" 22-40

Just stopping by to add a few more special ways that my sweet heart tells me he loves me without saying the words "I Love You"...

22. by saving me his last piece of pie crust
23. by making my scrambled eggs nice and dry
24. by taking the pretty scenic route
25. by helping me teach the children's church class
26. by telling me all the reasons that I'll probably get the job
27. by patiently enduring my projects all around the house
28. by putting a little lemonade in my iced tea
29. by stopping at McDonald's instead of another burger place so I can have yogurt instead of fries
30. by ordering my sandwich with "pickle only"
31. by carrying in all the flowers and decorations for the piano recital
32. by cooking up all the chicken for the Pampered Chef party and organizing all of the pieces so everyone knows which piece has which seasoning rub on it
33. by listening to sermons together in the morning, in the car...
34. by not filling in ANY of the complaints on the marriage survey, when, if he looked at me as I really am, he could fill in the majority of complaints
35. by acting like he doesn't care who sees that I'm crying at our table in 5 Guys--well, it's not really an act. He's very patient when I just have to have a good cry.
36. by saving me a few cherries, grapes, shrimp, and so on, even though I have a history of gobbling up the last one
37. by holding on to me when we're walking down a steep hill
38. by holding up my back cushion when I'm getting in the car
39. when he made sure Grandma's wheel chair was facing the window so she could see the beautiful view
40. by bringing home one more bookshelf

These have not been posted in order of importance, and there are many, many more, but I'm happy to have this informal chronicle of loving memories.