Thursday, February 14, 2013

40 Ways to Say I Love You 11-21

Since last Valentine's Day I feel as if I've just been propelled from one thing to another -- many happy events, mixed with difficult trials. My 40 Ways project has been on my mind, but not yet set on paper, so here are a few more entries describing ways that my husband says, "I Love You," without literally saying it...

11. Gobbling up the dinner I've made cheerfully even when it wasn't perfect.

12. Noticing how much I liked that little expandable wall mirror in the hotel, and then installing one in our bathroom.

13. Decorating my music room with such joyful items for my students and me to enjoy during the holidays.

14. Singing Christmas carols a capella as a family on Christmas morning.

15. Stopping at the home medical store when we were on the road to buy a new seat cushion since it was too late to go back home for the one I forgot.

16. Sharing his chocolate pineapple upside down cake with me.

17. Cooking every holiday dinner for the past 24 years.

18. Loving my relatives and opening our home to them often.

19. Speaking of loving my relatives, happily watching Food Network while they are here instead of football. Okay, I mentioned this one already, so maybe I'll add a number 41 at the end :-)

20. Thinking of fun ways to send care packages to the kids at college--interestingly shaped boxes, etc.

21. Turning the extra room downstairs into my music room instead of a man cave.

Jesus Loves You...

Love this Valentine's Day devotion from Desiring God Ministries.